Free Animated Computer Screensavers

Warning: Beware of virus infested screensaver sites…

“All I Wanted Was a Peaceful, Soothing Screensaver…
What I Got Was a Trojan Horse… Wiping Out My Hard Drive And All My Cherished Family Photos”

Don’t become a helpless victim…

Dear friend,

It’s bad enough that most free screensavers come with “hidden extras”. You know, tool bars, pop unders, pop ups, adware, and spyware…

But a malicious virus?

Listen, have you ever had a complete CPU meltdown? It’s devastating. Imagine the feeling. Your heart drops into your stomach as you suddenly realize all your cherished memories are gone.

Is nothing sacred anymore?  I mean c’mon, don’t these jokers have anything better to do?

“screensavers are some of the riskiest pieces of software that you can download to your computer,” says Shane Keats of McAfee, Inc”

Protect Yourself

Now I don’t mean to be obvious, but I didn’t have a back up. I always thought I was careful enough. It’s not like I go downloading everything that hits my inbox. Big mistake, learned that one the hard way.

“Does This Mean I’m Stuck With The Same Old Drab
That Comes With My PC?”

Not at all, it just means you have to be extra careful. Also, if you do decide to get screensavers from random sites, be prepared to pay to have all the “extras” removed. That is, if you don’t get a virus first.

And besides, who sticks with the same screensaver for very long? This means you’re at risk every time you want a new one.

Not willing to settle, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Nobody deserves to go through what I did. You’re now on the only site that guarantees your screensaver safety. You deserve no less.

Testimonial- These are by far the best screen savers I have ever had! I too have had a virus problem. I like having the peace of mind knowing there is at least one safe place on the web to get my screensavers. What a tremendous value!
Don Nelson, Joshua Tree California

Listen, you really only have two options. Put your computer at constant risk of viral threats, or become a Premier member of Computer Screensavers!

“It’s Like Therapy For The Soul”

Nothing is more relaxing after a hard day. The tranquil sounds and images of a waterfall melting your worries away.  The calming effect of being surrounded by majestic snow capped peaks.

Now you can experience these wonderful sensations right from your own home. Our screen savers give you all the sights and sounds of the real thing. In fact, they are created  straight from mother nature.

Not only that, we use real imagery from exotic places around the world. Travel to far off lands, without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

These are more than just static picture rotators. Our screensavers give you full animation with all the things this world has to offer, including birds, bees, animals, and the hypnotic sounds of nature. They also come with relaxing background music that you can customize.

These works of art have received numerous awards from discriminating software sites around the world.

Fully Animated, Tension Releasing Screensavers…
Yours Free For Life!
“No Adware, No Spyware, No Pop Unders or Pop Ups, and
Especially No Malicious Viruses…
Better Than Guaranteed!”

Here’s what you get…

  • Multiple screen and animated screensavers. These are jam packed with dazzling special effects and sounds to delight the senses.
  • Natural settings that emulate all of natures beauty. To get any closer, you would have to be there in person.
  • Lifetime membership. Never pay for another screensaver again. Come back any time and grab all you can handle!
  • Constant updates. You’ll never have to worry about running out of the worlds finest screensavers.
  • Peace of mind. Never worry about viruses or other junk you get with other sites.

But I’ll go one step further…

I’ll Buy You a Brand New Computer!

Many sites claim to be virus and spyware free. I’ll put my money where my mouth is…
If at any time you get any malicious code, spyware, adware, pop ups, or pop unders from my screensavers, I’ll buy you a computer! That’s how I prove that you’ll always be safe here.

Q & A

Q: Sounds great, but what kind of screensavers are we talking about?
A: Most screen savers give you one of two things. They either give you multiple scenes of still pictures or they give you animation, but with only one scene. I give you both. I make every effort to create good screensavers that can dazzle you with special effects, thrill you with it’s imagery, or sooth you with it’s sound effects and music.

As you can tell, I especially like nature screensavers. The water, trees, flowers, and nature sounds can be hypnotic. Simply download a couple of our free trial versions and see for yourself.

Q: But why are you doing this? What’s in it for you?
A: As much as I love watching and listening to computer screensavers, I like creating them. They challenge my creativity and it’s just fun for me. But I’m also a bit of a show-off. I continually try to improve upon my creation and one doesn’t create a masterpiece and hide it in the basement.

I want everyone to see what I have created and enjoy them as much as I do.

Q: If you are such a wonderful and generous guy, why do you charge anything at all? Why don’t you just give them away?
A: Do I detect a hint of cynicism there? Actually, I thought about it, but creating and maintaining this website isn’t without cost. There is software, images, sound effects, background music, web hosting, and more. By charging a low, one-time membership fee, it allows me to maintain the website, as well as invest in future improvements.

Without the membership fee, it’s lifetime would be very short.

Q: OK, bottom line. Why should I invest my hard earned money on screensavers? What’s in it for me?
A: Boy, you’re tough.

Ok, let’s be honest. Will being a member of save the world? Will it stop global warming? Will it feed the poor, cure the sick? The answer to all of these is no. But they can do wonders for your state of mind.

If you enjoy computer screensavers as I do and and change them frequently, I can almost guarantee that during your lifetime, you will spend much more than $29.99 on screen savers and desktop themes, only to be disappointed many times.

Of course I can’t guarantee that you’ll like every screensaver that I offer either, but if you don’t, simply delete it and go get another one. It’s that simple. As a premier member, you have access to any and all of them for life, including any new ones that I will be adding.

For about the cost of a meal for two at a middle-of-the-road restaurant, you get lifetime, unlimited access to every screensaver that we have to offer. And if any member has a suggestion for a new screensaver, I’ll do my best to create it.

Feel free to download some of my trail screensavers and decide for yourself.

Risk Free Guarantee
Try us out for a full 30 days. If you are not absolutely Delighted with the quality of your membership, I’ll refund every last cent of your one time dues. I realize that I’m leaving myself wide open to be taken advantage of by a few dishonest characters, but that’s ok. I won’t let a few leeches stop the rest of us from having a safe and fun place to get the best screensavers ever. You clearly have nothing to lose.

So here’s the deal. In order to maintain the highest safety standards for this site, all I ask is a small one time membership fee of $29.99. Fair enough?
That’s a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the cost of allowing a virus or some other nasty program access to your system.

But Wait…

For the next 100, 79, 21, 11 Premier members, I’m taking a full 33% off the dues! That means if you hurry, you pay only $19.99! But you must act now. There are only 100, 79, 29, 11 spots remaining, and once they’re gone, the price goes back to normal.

>>>Order Now<<<

Yours truly,