Nature Screensavers – Free Animated, Multi-Scene, All-In-One Screensavers

Unless otherwise stated, the screensavers on this page are 100% FREE! No time limits, no opt-ins, no registration, and no toolbars to install. Just download and enjoy.

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Dream Gardens ScreensaverDream Gardens v1 contains eight(8) beautiful garden scenes, each fully animated along with soothing nature sounds, such as birds, crikets, frogs, and more, along with beautiful background music that you can change.

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Dream Gardens ScreensaverDream Gardens v2 gives you eight(8) different garden scenes with all the effects, along with different background music.

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New! Dream Gardens XE(extended edition). I combined Dream Gardens 1 & 2, then added some new scenes. Dream Gardens XE has 20 scenes with more animation, more images, and multiple background music files. Fully customizable. Now available free to Premier Members only.

Great Waterfalls v1Great Waterfalls I don’t know if it’s the roar of the water or the mist in the air, but there is something romantic about waterfalls. Now you can cuddle in front of your computer without getting wet.

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Mountains MajestyMountains Majesty Mountains can be beautiful or they can be deadly when a volcano erupts. Explore the wonders of Earth’s great mountains.

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NEW! Mountains Majesty XE (Extended Edition) is now available free in Premier Members area.

4 SeasonsEuropean Elegance. Experience the exquisite beauty and charm of Grand Ol’ Europe without leaving your home.

European Elegance gives you 20 fully animated scenes of some of the worlds most beautiful countrysides.

You can’t buy European Elegance by itself at any price. It’s available to Premier Members only.

4 SeasonsSunrise Sunset. A day begins – a day ends. Bask in the dazzling effects as you watch the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Sunrise Sunset Screensaver lets you experience this wonder in all it’s beauty.

Eight fully animated, breathtaking scenes, complete with the beautiful sounds of nature and relaxing music that you can customize.

Winter WonderlandWinter Wonderland screen saver. Relive the days of sleds, ice skates, and snowmen. The winter mist concealing the lake surface, the sun glistening off the snow covered tree branches.


4 Seasons4 Seasons of nature screen saver lets you enjoy each changing season from your computer with these beautiful scenes of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.